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WaterPik Flosser Review

The WaterPik Flosser... Definitely a good choice for anyone with braces.

I can't believe I waited so long to get one of these tools. Now this tool will not take the place of regular dental flossing (normally using a floss threader which helps navigate between the braces), but it can sure help. I definitely recommend the purchase. 

Below are a few quick tips for using a Waterpik flosser.

1. Start at zero. On the first time using your teeth will need to get used to pressure of the water, so I using the lowest setting possible is a good idea. Most instructions will advise this. I learned a lesson on my first try because I set on my Waterpik flosser on a slightly higher setting (just on 2 or 3, from an option of 0 to 10) and quickly changed the setting to 1!

2. Use lukewarm water. This is especially needed for those that have sensitive teeth like I do! 

3. Continue your regular flossing. The water pik flosser is not completely a substitute for regular flossing, but it definitely helps. 

I hope these are helpful tips! 


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