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Real love? (My thoughts)

by - August 16, 2015

Love is an amazing thing. It can totally blind you or it can open your eyes to see more than you ever have.

Love is a strange thing. We all start our lives giving and receiving love, which normally comes from a mother.To have a mother's love is something great and beautiful. Throughout our lives we each want to give and receive love.

But is there a price to love? How do you find love? And is there a difference between love and true or what we sometimes will call unconditional love?

Unconditional love.

That is such a strong statement.

Who can give and receive unconditional love?

Is this the love of a mother? The love of a wife? The love of an innocent child?

I propose, that this kind of love can only be given by the divine. God.
And if this type of love is given by God, can a man ever return it?


Is the love of man fool's love because it is conditional?

Is the love of the divine the only way to have this idea of true love?

True love is what we search for our entire lives. Those that find this kind of love, find God.


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