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Blind and Foolish

I tried to be as nice to you as I could
I loved you like no other
I wanted to make you happy
But all I did was lose apart of myself

I gave up myself for you
I did whatever you wanted of me
My only goal was to please you
Now I just wish to forget you

I try each day to put you out my mind
But it makes me think of you more
I suppose I loved you too much
I gave up too much to have you

I trusted you blindly and foolishly
Not listening to the distrust I felt inside
I would never believe you were not good for me
Although many people tried to tell me

Stupidly I trusted you over my best of friends 
I wanted too badly for you to love
I didn’t care about anyone but you
Until I realized that the love I had was unreturned

You never knew how much I cared
How much I gave of myself
You never understood my feelings
Or what I gave up to have you


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