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The Storm

by - February 27, 2017

When will the problems of life subside
Can I ever just be truly happy?
When will I live without pain
Without constant bad thoughts

I am not a pessimist
But at times life causes me to act like one
How can I be optimistic?
When everything seems wrong

It rains without end
There is no sunshine
No light can be seen
It is like a never ending storm

I fight with this storm every day
I feel that I am losing this battle
I am tired and I hurt
My body is becoming weak

The storm is too much
Too strong too forceful
I have no umbrella to protect me from the rain
No flashlight to help me in the darkness

I am losing the battle
I am all alone
Cold, afraid, and helpless
And then...

Jesus calms the storm.

Have an Awesome Week! 

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