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How to Love (a poem)

by - March 07, 2017

Learning how to love is easy, 
Give of yourself in a kind manner. 
Remove all of your selfishness and 
replace it with affection. 

Learning how not to love is hard, 
to ignore that natural desire to care for another. 
Keeping your distance, 
holding all of your feelings inside. 

That is what must be done, 
In order for one not to give love. 

Love is easy. 

When people love, 
It should be clear.  
Love today, 
Love forever, right? 

This is what one wants to hear.

Why is it so hard to end a love,
but so easy to start one?
So difficult to tell someone your feelings,
but even harder to hide them.

How do you know when to love,
and when to stop?
How do you end a love,
and start a new one?

Love is infinite. 

There is a season when love is plentiful, 
and a time when love is sparse. 
A year when love is simple, 
And a day when love feels impossible. 

Love... What is it? 
And where does it go? 
When you find it, 
You must capture it and never let it go. 

Treat your love like a delicate flower, 
and it will continue to blossom. 

Have a lovely week, 

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