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InboxDollars vs. SendEarnings - Which Earns You More Money?

I have been a member of both InboxDollars and SendEarnings since late 2015. After reviewing my previous earnings I noticed that I have made $55.55 more on the InboxDollars platform than the SendEarnings one. This was pretty surprising to me, as both offer similar money earnings tasks - or so I thought! Take a look below to see what InboxDollars offers in comparison to SendEarnings.

TV Earnings
One great addition to the InboxDollars site in the past year has been the TV section. Users are now able to earn cash by simply watching TV. Now I will say that you will not be watching Netflix shows or anything of the like. However, the TV snippets include everything from trending stories to tech, health, or celebrity specific news. Now, one thing that gets a little annoying is the fact that often times some of the same ads play on the screen, but if you can suffer through a few of these ads you'll earn a nice chunk of change by simply watching the news. You'll also get the option to play scratcher type games, where you have the chance to earn sweeps or up to $10 (at least $10 is the most I've seen). I typically play the TV when I am getting ready for work in the morning. (My way of killing two birds with one stone I guess.)... As I see those words typed, I realize what a horrible saying that is. I really have no idea why that phrase is used in American English to describe multi-tasking...
BTW - Sweeps are kind of like raffle tickets that you can place into sweepstakes to earn money or gift cards.

WinIt Codes 
One thing that I quickly noticed was offered on InboxDollars instead of SendEarnings, is a code found on the InboxDollars' social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. There is also a Facebook community group that offers advice, support and tips to earn more money on the site including showing the WinIt codes for each day that there is one offered.
Learn and Earn Survey
InboxDollars offers daily short surveys where you can earn 1 cents or a number of sweeps just for taking a few seconds to answer random questions. And the great thing is that you receive something, whether you answer correctly or not. For example, in the visual below, I answered incorrectly, as I thought Legos would have been the first advertised toy. It turns out, as you can see, that it was actually Mr. Potato Head - go figure!

Another plus is that unlike the typical surveys offered you do not need to spend time answering multiple survey questions to occasionally find that you're not qualified based on your demographics or interests. Though I also complete normal surveys, I like these shorter learn and earn surveys when I don't have much time to allot.

Overall, I'd say that these simple additions can really add up over time.  Honestly, most of my time is split between paid search, TV ads and videos. And of course, I tend to take part in the learn and earn, WinIt codes and occasionally the 'Easy Cash' tasks. Though initially, I spent equal amounts of time of SendEarnings and InboxDollars, I now spend a majority of time on InboxDollars.

Happy Earnings!


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