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On the road to finding my purpose...

by - October 09, 2017

As I explore this idea of finding my passion, I've come across many varied opinions on the subject. I scoured Google, YouTube and other social media channels to gain a consensus around what others have done to find and develop their own passions. I was surprised and comforted by the amount of information available. There are plenty of people in the same boat as me. Adults (young and old alike) that haven't yet discovered their passion or purpose in life.

With so many viewpoints on the subject, I found a Ted Talk that declares that there is no need to find your passion. Passions change. You will find your passion eventually as you live out your life, the speaker encourages. Well, I do agree partially with this. Do I think that a person should not continue looking for their purpose? No, not at all. I think there are people living out their passion every day - doing things that give them pure joy. I think that to the speaker's point, people should not stress or refrain from living their life simply due to not knowing. As she points out, the only way to find your passion is to begin doing something.

The next video I gravitated to, stated a few things that we all know very well. First, is that finding your passion takes work. Of course! Finding anything will take some effort. Finding your passion is no different. Second, is that you must be true to yourself. I thought about this a bit. I mainly took this to mean, that you need to be true to who you are and honest enough to realize your likes and dislikes.

My next point from the video is to change your routine and try new things. In the past few weeks, I've begun using this tip. There is definitely power in saying yes. On occasions where I would typically decline I decided to try something new. I tried a few things that I thought I would not like and ended up enjoying most things. For example, I visited a burlesque show with some girlfriends, decided to sign up to earn an HR certification, played a game a volleyball (I'm not a sporty girl), joined a workout group challenge and added taking a new health supplement into my daily routine. These are mall changes, but I am hoping that these may lead to opportunities. At the very least, I am developing myself with the hope that I will gain a new interest or better yet, realize a talent not yet uncovered.

Happy exploring,

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