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3 Music Videos That Positively Highlight Brown-Skinned Women

by - April 30, 2018

If you are anything like me, you like to look at models and celebrities sometimes for motivation when working on your weight loss and beauty goals. It really helps me to see women that look similar to me when I am looking for encouragement. 

This can be difficult when I pick up a fitness magazine or look at a music video and see mainly women that look completely different from me in skin tone.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all people in their varying sizes, colors, etc., but I do also like to see women with dark skin that looks closer to my own when I am trying to envision myself being at their level of fitness or beauty (i.e. hair, glowing skin, etc.). 

Luckily, there are a couple of videos that I've really enjoyed for what seems to be a celebration of brown skin. Check them out! 

1. Melanin Brown (Pretty Brown) - Remy Ma, featuring Chris Brown

What a variety of warm skin tones in this video! There's some chocolate, cinnamon, brown sugar and everything in between. I love it. Remy looks absolutely amazing. She is surrounded by other women as Chris Brown intermingles between them all while singing away. The lighting and color scheme of the brown and gold brings out such a vibrant look in each of these queens. This video is a true celebration of not only lovely dark-skinned ladies but also women of different sizes as well. Watch it and enjoy. 

2. Something Tells Me - Bryson Tiller

Something tells me, that you will love the women in this video. Similar to Remy's video, there is a true mix of skin tones, hair textures and overall looks of the women in this video. All shades of brown from light to dark seems to be included. In the video, you will see that Bryson gives a photoshoot for these lovely ladies on a gorgeous beach. All of the women have very fit bodies, so if you're looking for some fitspiration, then this is the video is for you. 

3. Main Chick - Kid Ink featuring Chris Brown and Tyga

I love this video for one main reason. The main chick in the video is a gorgeous brown skinned model. The makeup, hair and outfit colors bring out her skin in such a magical way. She completely glows throughout this video. Her body type is also quite similar to mine, so I like to go back to watch this video when I need a little visualization of where my fitness journey can lead me. Watch the video and see for yourself.  

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