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3 New Music Artists To Follow Today

by - August 20, 2018

There are new artists created everyday. Three women that are newer to the music scene all have a similar vibe, but very different sounds. 

These three women of color, not only look gorgeous, but bring very unique voices to their music as well.  

Sabrina Claudio 

Sabrina is a 21 year old new artist on the scene. She grew up in Miami, USA and is of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent. She has a very soft and sensual voice. Check out her music video that she released late last year, "Stand Still"

Solána Imani Rowe (aka SZA)

SZA is a 27 year old artist that has been in the industry for a little while, but became very popular with her hit single, "Love Galore" which features Travis Scott. SZA was born in St. Louis, USA, but raised in New Jersey. She is of African descent and was raised as an orthodox Muslim. Her sound is soft yet soulful. Her lyrics are filled with comments about the challenges of being young, in love and sometimes in pain.

Gabriella Wilson (aka H.E.R) 

H.E.R. has been known by some with her hit song "Focus", however there are still many that are just beginning to uncover her music. She is a 21 year old, biracial girl from California, USA. Her sound is soft, yet soulful and strong, with nice R&B vibes. 

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