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Black Actresses That Are in Trending Movies This August

by - August 08, 2018

Take a look at these beautiful black actresses that are in high profile films this August. I love to see lovely brown women succeed, especially in Hollywood. 

Letitia Wright 

Ready Player One
Letitia is seen as Rebel in the film Ready Player One. Many people still refer to her as Princess Shuri in the hit Marvel film, Black Panther. And at 24 years old she has already started a pretty lucrative acting career. 

The Guyanese-British actress appears very fit and is quite pretty. She typically sports a very natural look. I think that her career will be an interesting one to watch over the next few years. 

Gugu Mbatha-Raw 
A Wrinkle In Time

Gugu plays Dr. Kate Murray in A Wrinkle in Time. She is an English actress best known for her role as Kelly in the TV series Black Mirror. I personally remembered her from the movies, Belle and Beyond the Lights. She is always absolutely gorgeous and I am happy to see her continuing to do great work. 

Sophie Okonedo

Christopher Robin
Sophie is the voice of Kanga in Christopher Robin

Sophie has also played alongside Don Cheadle in Hotel Rwanda back in 2004. Sophie is English (born in London) and is of Nigerian and Jewish descent. 

Another thing to note is though she looks like she's in her twenties, she will be 50 years old on August 11th. 

Angela Bassett

Mission - Impossible Fallout
Speaking of ageless beauties, this lady just gets finer with time. Angela Bassett is a very 
well-known actress in the industry and she has starred in a number of high profile films. This year she is performing in Mission - Impossible Fallout.

She is probably best known for her role as Tina Turner in What's Love Got to Do With It. She also played in two films that I remember not being able to watch as child (wink, wink). Those movies were How Stella Got Her Groove Back and Waiting to Exhale. Angela is a phenomenal actress and absolutely stunning at the tender age of 59. 

Yes, that's right, 59. She ages so gracefully and is such a class act. It's always a pleasure to see her on the big screen!  

Would you add anyone to the list? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Happy Movie Watching,

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