9 Colors That Look Great on Dark Skin

by - September 08, 2018

Every woman has had the experience of seeing a beautiful outfit in a store, but then after purchasing it realizing that the color doesn't quite favor them so nicely. Sometimes the fit isn't quite right either, but that is another conversation. :)

For us women of color, there are a number of shades that particularly favor the richness of our complexions. When we wear these colors, we easily capture the attention of others. I have personally been working to fill my wardrobe with specific colors that make my skin pop. As I have done this, I have noticed much improvement in my overall look. As we approach the fall and winter seasons, let's keep these colors in mind to make sure our melanin rich skin looks it's very best.

Pure Black
Like most people, I have always kept a lot of black clothing items in my closet. It is easily paired with other colors and has a slimming effect. I also enjoy the simple and neat look that the it offers. Along with these great benefits, it looks awesome against various shades of brown skin. So when you don't know what else to wear, go with a classic black ensemble.
Singer and Performer Normani Kordei in a black maxi skirt
Fashion Model Duckie Thot wearing a lovely black gown

Pure White
White is a very bold color when placed against dark skin tones. The light and dark contrast makes for an outfit that really makes a statement. If you would like to naturally stand out in a crowd, wear something white.

 Models Nikki Perkins and Duckie Thot wearing a white skirt and dress
Instagram model ChasitySamone wearing white and black swimwear

Royal Blue
A royal (or sapphire) blue is a phenomenal color all on its own. The look of a goddess is what you will create whenever you wear it. I promise you, people will stop you in your tracks to comment on how beautiful you are in this color.
Model Jazzma Kendrick in a royal blue swimsuit
Actress Gabrielle Union rocking a royal blue jumpsuit

Bright Yellow
Michael Kors once said while giving a tour of his perfectly designed penthouse, that his "black bowls look great with yellow lemons [in them]". I could not agree with him more about this color combination. A bumblebee or canary yellow will look fantastic against dark hues of skin. The contrast is similar to the look of white against black. It is simply breathtaking.

Singer and Songwriter Sevyn Streeter modeling a yellow dress
Actress Gabrielle Union wearing a stunning yellow gown

Vibrant Red
Red is a color that brings out the femininity in women. It is the color that is perceived to be the most sensual. When you're feeling sexy, wear that red girl.

Fashion Designer Nichole Lynel wearing a red dress
Youtuber Cydnee Black (Cydbee) wearing a red tank paired with a perfect red lip

Dark Purple
Purple is one of my favorite colors. It is historically connected to royalty. Similar to pink, dark purple hues look more prominent on brown skin in comparison to lighter ones.

Lupita Nyong'o in a purple dress
Actress and Singer Ajiona Alexus in a purple dress 
Bright Pink
Another high pigment color that is a match against dark brown skin is the color pink. Be sure to select a bright pink as opposed to paler options. Some light pink hues can wash out a darker-toned lady.
Fashion Model Jazzma Kendrick wearing a pink bikini 
Actress Ajoina Alexus in a hot pink set

Tangerine Orange
As we approach the fall season, orange is a great color to have in your collection. In the past, I would have never considered wearing orange. I always thought I would look like a pumpkin. But orange is actually a great color that brings out the warmth in rich skin tones.

Instagram Model missgeminii in tangerine orange

Director, Producer and Actress Issa Rae wearing a burnt orange dress

Emerald Green
Green is a very distinct color. Though variations of green can all look good, emerald green is a great match for brown skin. Emerald green gives a majestic type of energy. Since green is associated with growth, prosperity and money, it is a great color to wear if you are trying to manifest something in your life. It will make you feel like royalty. 
Fashion Model Jessica White wearing an emerald green lingerie outfit
Actress Lupita Nyong'o wearing a luminous emerald green gown

There are many colors that you will look nice wearing, however by choosing a color that is most complementary to your skin tone, you will naturally take your look to a higher level. 

Happy Shopping!

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