A Little About Me: My Natural Hair Transition

by - October 29, 2018

As a black women with afro-textured hair, I have had some challenges with my hair. Most women have hair issues to some capacity. My hair had been chemically straightened with a relaxer ever since I was a young girl. Last year, I decided to transition my hair from chemically relaxed straight to my natural afro-curly texture.

Instead of chopping off the relaxed hair all at once, I spent about 1 and 1/2 years to transition my hair. Below is a picture of me with my hair in the "transition" state. About 3/4 of my hair length is chemical free. 

This year, my hair had grown out just enough to do what my stylist called, a "biggie smalls chop". I love the term she used and say it to folks whenever I describe my transition. My stylist cut the relaxed ends while my hair was still wet after a shampoo and condition. The photos below shows my hair blown out and straightened right after my cut (sorry for the glare). 

The below photo shows my hair about 2-4 weeks after my stylist cut my relaxed ends. The left half shows my natural texture, before being blown out. She had just started blow-drying the right side of my head before we thought it would be a good idea to snap a pic. 

Since ditching the relaxer, I had my first experience with natural afro-curly hair this past summer. My hair reacted much differently, of course, so I opted to get my very first sew-in. What an experience!

I had the sew-in for exactly 3 months and was honestly counting down the days after the first month. During the first month my scalp felt tight and itchy, but my hair (extensions and leave out hair) looked great.

By the second month I was very used to the sew-in, but wanted to feel my scalp and get a thorough shampoo. At the third month I was ready to have all of it taken out and never look back. Thinking about the summer, however, I think a sew-in was the best option for me and my hair. the only thing that helped to keep me feeling OK and scratching my scalp 24/7 was the "Peppermint & Aloe Soothing Scalp Tonic" from Design Essentials.

I had bought a number of other products to help me (shown below), but none of these even came close. From soothing my itch to making my hair and scalp feel a bit cleaner. It also gave a few calm tingling sensation on my scalp that I loved! I continue to use this product in between visits to my stylist. I have my hair shampooed, conditioned and straightened every two weeks. This "tonic" keeps my scalp moisturized and soothed for that second week.

We ll that is a little about me and my personal hair journey. Share and leave a comment if you enjoyed the post. I am happy to answer any questions about my experience!

Happy Sunday!

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