Beauty Highlight of the Week: Sevyn Streeter

by - October 08, 2018

The cool and sexy songstress, Amber Denise Streeter, is our beauty of the week. Most will know her  by the stage name, Sevyn Streeter. Sevyn has written songs for many artists including Chris Brown, Ariana Grande, Tamar Braxton and Usher.
Amber Denise Streeter, Sevyn Streeter, Rich Girl
Though she has written songs for many other artists, she likes to spend time to focus on her own music as well. She has released a number of hits, including "It Won't Stop" and "Don't Kill the Fun", which both feature Chris Brown. More recently she released the songs, "My Love For You" and "Before I Do". I must say that I have been very happy whenever I have stumbled across her songs on the radio. I feel as if she is a very talented artist that has been very underappreciated for her music.
Sevyn joined the music scene at the young age of 9 when she joined a girl group called, TG4 (Tom Gurl Four). In 2001, she actually opened for a all boy R&B group, B2K at a concert in Orlando, Florida which was not too far from her home in Haines City, Florida.

In 2007, she joined the girl group, RichGirl, and the group opened for Beyonce's "I am... World Tour". The group had some challenges and split up in 2012. Sevyn soon after signed under Chris Brown's label, CBE Imprint.

When listening to her music, you may recognize a familiar R&B style that was popular during the 90s era. One of her main music inspirations is the late singer Aaliyah. Her voice is soft and smooth similar to the late singer and Sevyn also balances a feminine and cool, almost tomboy-like style. Some of her fashion styles are clearly influenced by Aaliyah.
You may find Sevyn rocking a sporty look that shows off her lovely physique. While she may also exhibit a more glamorous, feminine style that highlights her curves.

Sevyn has a beautiful voice, great body and a positive, down-to-earth personality. Though she is 32, she appears to be in her twenties. She credits a few things to keep herself looking beautiful. First, she is adamant about removing her makeup every single night before bedtime. When wearing makeup, she likes a bold lip color and a good highlight for a nice glow.

Thanks Sevyn for the R&B style music, a modern, 90's influenced style and above all for just being a good person.


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