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Beauty Highlight of the Week: Kelly Rowland

by - December 04, 2018

I am a real 90's baby and I grew up listening to the pop/R&B girl-group Destiny's Child. Myself and almost every other girl during that time absolutely loved the group. I became a fan of the original members that included LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson.

PHOTO: @kellyrowland (Instagram)
And I remained a fan, when the group members changed. Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé Knowles were always the constant variables that held things together. In 2000, their final group member, Michelle Williams officially joined. The trio was solid and unstoppable.

PHOTO: @kellyrowland (Instagram)
As we know, Beyoncé later left the group to become a solo artist and eventually developed into the superstar that we see today. Some truly love her while others just love to hate her, but hey, no one can deny her beauty, lovely voice and sheer talent as a performer.

As a dark-skinned girl growing up during an era that praised light-skinned and mixed chicks heavily, I always adored Kelly. She was beautiful, charming and had a physique to die for. Above all of that, she was one of the first women that I could truly look up to because she actually looked similar to me. I could easily say, "I want to look like Kelly when I grow up". It was also a nice confidence boost to hear the boys at school arguing about who was prettier, Kelly or Beyoncé. Though it wasn't me they were talking about, it was someone that I could relate to. And it was also nice to see that she was recognized as beautiful by others, not just by me.

PHOTO: @kellyrowland (Instagram)
Today, I see Kelly as celebrity motivation within the beauty and fitness space. This is why she is my 'Beauty of the Week'. She is now 37, married and has a young son. From looking at past and present photos, it is amazing to see that she hasn't changed much. When first introduced in the 90's, she rocked a short hairstyle and often showed off her small frame and fit abs. Now, she rocks a number of styles, from natural, voluminous curls to sleek, straight hair. She still has a toned physique, but you can now see that she has feminine curves as well.

PHOTO: @kellyrowland (Instagram)
There are three main things that I enjoy about Kelly. First, she has always had clear and naturally smooth skin. I attribute this somewhat due to her great workout habits, as we know that sweating out impurities is good for the skin. I also feel the fact that she drinks a lot of water and has been known to snack on ice helps as well. Many celebrities, including Gabrielle Union, advocate drinking a gallon of water each day to stay hydrated and healthy. 

PHOTO: @kellyrowland (Instagram)
The second thing I like about Kelly is that she is very fit. She works out almost daily and eats very clean (think seafood, veggies and other good proteins). She has always had a naturally small frame and works out to stay toned.

Lastly, I really like her style. With her hair she tends to stick to colors that match her skin tone well and she keeps it classy. She could wear it curly or straight, but the color is typically dark brown or some version of black. She ditched the red hair and red streaks from the early 2000s and never turned back. While some celebs rock blonde and purple colors that go in and out of fashion, she keeps things simple which I love.

She is also not afraid to wear clothing of colors that pop against her skin. She likes to wear bright yellows and pinks, which highlight her lovely, brown and glowy skin. Take a look at some of the colors that look great on dark-brown skin tones

Kelly started to thrive in Europe after Destiny's Child separated as a group. She even became a judge on the hit show, X Factor. First she joined the show in the UK and later hosted the one airing in the USA. She's had a number of hit songs and just released a new song "Kelly" a few days ago. On her recent album cover she actually went topless and looked fantastic!

PHOTO: @kellyrowland (Instagram)
Thank you Kelly for helping me as a girl to see a good representation of a black woman's beauty and for continuing to be an inspiration for me now as a young lady.

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