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Beauty Highlight of the Week: Amara La Negra

by - January 30, 2019

My beauty of the week is singer, dancer and beauty influencer Amara La Negra. Born as Diana Danelys De Los Santos, she is a proud Afro-Latina of Dominican descent who was born and raised in Miami, Florida.
Photo Credit: @Amaralanegraln [Instagram]
She has gained popularity by starring in the VH1 TV show Love and HipHop Miami and the Univision show MiraQuienBaila. Her dance and singing talents have produced hits for both Latino and U.S. markets, including "Ayy"  (released in 2013) and "Insecure" (released in 2018).

One of the things that contributed to me first noticing Amara, was her beautiful afro-curly hair and rich, dark skin. Her striking beauty has sparked many conversations about issues like colorism and acceptance of afro-hair. These issues have long been hidden within African-American culture, but Amara has highlighted the them within Latin groups. She has shared her own struggles of being a darker-skinned Latina who embraces her natural curls.

A producer once suggested to her that she would be better accepted if she straightened her hair and looked more "Beyonce and less Macy Gray". She raised the question to him of whether she can't be elegant if she has a fro. A good question. She shows the world over and over that her natural, unique beauty is indeed elegant.

Photo Credit: @Amaralanegraln [Instagram]
Now that you know a little about Amara, let's get into what she uses to keep her hair and skin looking luscious.

1. Natural Ingredients For Her Hair Only 

 Amara told Allure that she only allows her mother to care for her hair. Most black women can understand how important it is to stick with a person you trust to style your hair. For Amara, that person is her mother. I have seen a video of Amara's mom unbraiding her hair and she truly does a great job. Most importantly, she uses only natural ingredients in Amara's tresses including avocado, mayonnaise, honey, rosemary, cinnamon oil and (my favorite) coconut oil. Consider using some of these products the next time you condition your hair.

I have used mayonnaise as a hair condition before and it does wonders. My advise is to not over do it, include natural oils like the ones mentioned above and follow-up the treatment with a nice smelling leave-conditioner to ensure there is no mayo scent left behind. 

2. Natural Exfoliation

Though Amara does not have a specific routine, she does use natural products to exfoliate. Exfoliation helps the skin shed away older, dull looking skin. She has mentioned using oatmeal and sugar scrubs to naturally exfoliate all over her skin. She also uses honey and coconut oil which are great for moisture. I can personally vouch for the use of honey and coconut oil. I have added honey to my face wash (inconsistently) over the years and every time I do, my skin feels great. I also use  coconut oil sometimes as a full body moisturizer. It is especially helpful during the winter.

3. Confidence 

Amara has overcome many challenges in her life and through it all, you often see her in good energy, with a positive attitude and beaming smile. She is confident in herself and it truly shows. Beauty pioneer Estee Lauder said it best, "Confidence breeds beauty". 

Well there you have it. My beauty of the week and her beauty "secrets".

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