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Beauty Highlight of the Week: Toccara Jones

by - January 13, 2019

Toccara Elaine Jones is a 37 year-old fashion model, TV personality and singer. She is a natural beauty with a fabulous, outgoing and bright persona.
Photo Credit: Instragram, @iamtoccarajones
Many first learned of Toccara when she joined America's Next Top Model, Season 3 back in 2008. She left the modeling contest in eighth place and then went on to co-host the show 106 and Park and has also been featured in various other TV shows and films. She continues to model and has made history as the first Black plus-size model to grace the pages of Italian Vogue.

I have been wondering about what Toccara has been up to lately after seeing her in a short TMZ video. In the video, a TMZ rep was asking her about what she thought about Ashley Graham's twerking video which was being discussed at the time. I definitely won't go into any detail about the video, however, what I noticed primarily was how great her skin looked. While she is approaching 40 her skin looks like that of a 20-something. 
Photo Credit: Instragram, @iamtoccarajones 
So what's Toccara been doing to keep herself looking so gorgeous?

Let's talk about her beauty routine.

1. She Uses Neutrogena Products 

She claims that she uses Neutrogena products to remove makeup, cleanse her face and to moisturize. Gabrielle Union is another beauty that keeps it simple by using Neutrogena products. Toccara naturally has very nice skin, but it is nice to see that you do not need to use a high-cost skincare product to maintain your beauty.

2. Gives Her Skin A Break 

Toccara likes to go makeup free when she can. She adds lashes and a little MAC mineral powder. This is quite common among celebrities like Bianca Lawson. It makes sense for women that wear heavy makeup often for work to allow some time for their skin to breathe.

3. Regular Exercise

Toccara does regular dance workouts for fun and to maintain her weight. There are so many benefits of working out, including:
  • cleansing the pores - sweat glands remove harmful toxins 
  • promotes production of collagen - which keeps skin firm and supple 
  • pushes more blood flow to your skin - gives glow to the skin  
I really like what I have found out about Toccara's beauty routine. It's a good reminder that keeping a simple routine that works for you is better than trying the latest, greatest skincare product. Also, it is helpful to remember to give your skin a break from makeup. Lastly, exercise brings about a ton of benefits to your health overall and particularly to your skin.

What I learn from every beauty I research, is that you must put effort into caring for your skin and go with whatever works for you. Consistency is key.

Take care of yourself babe. Follow @PrettyMochaBlog for more melanin inspiration beauty suggestions.


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