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11 Simple #LevelUp Tips For 2019 - Influenced by YouTubers SheraSeven1, MichaelaPink and Ziva

by - March 23, 2019

As Ciara's hit song from 2018 encourages, it's time to #levelup. A level up can mean a number of things. Someone may want to better their financial situation or improve their physical and mental state. My level up has been centered on self care, appearance and lifestyle - I am all about beauty! It is increasingly important for me to ensure that I spend the time necessary to look and feel my best. I am not exactly where I would like to be, but I am continuing to work on improving myself.

In the past, I spent more time focused on work and helping family members. While I do not neglect the other areas of my life, I have learned to put myself first before other things and people. This may sound a bit selfish to some, but if YOU don't care for YOU, then who will?

A YouTuber, named SheraSeven1 gave me my first clear view at how I was treating myself. Not only did she show me myself, but she explained how it was affecting various areas of my current life and potential opportunities. I was putting way too much energy into bad relationships, frustrating family members and a toxic work environment. I needed to spend more time on myself. This included exploring my interests, desires and goals.

I had stumbled across SheraSeven1 after dating someone that I later realized was absolutely not good for me. In her words, he was a "dusty". I was looking for relationship advice and stumbled across some life changing information and the blueprint to a better life. SheraSevyn1 provides tips to women on relationships, femininity and of course leveling up in appearance and lifestyle.

Her style is very conversational, yet straight to the point. She makes videos about how women can better care for themselves and describes the benefits of doing so. I appreciate her for every single message. In my opinion, her videos are a true form of women empowerment. I especially feel that every black woman should listen to her advice. Although I may not agree with everything she promotes, she has been like the fabulous (online) mother/auntie I ever had.

A close friend of SheraSeven1, named MichaelaPink, began uploading similar videos in 2018 and I have been following her ever since. Her style is a little more blunt than SheraSeven1 and has a very bubbly personality. She really enjoys having fun talking with her viewers - which I love. By following her I have gained advice on embracing femininity, free-styling/dating, self care and a host of other helpful content. She also has a video giving step by step tips on how to level up your appearance.

The London based YouTuber, Ziva, shares her personal experience and tips to leveling up. I like that she speaks to my age group, specifically millennials and GenZers. Ziva shares specific tips for online dating, fashion and makeup tips for young women. She is a pleasure to watch and of course has a lovely English accent.

I have gained a wealth of knowledge from each of these fabulous ladies. Though I encourage watching the videos, I wanted to list out the things I have learned. Below are 11 things that any woman should do to level up their appearance and lifestyle in 2019.

#1. Focus On The Internal You - All Is Mental 

Focus on you. Your way of thinking, talking, mannerisms ... does it really reflect how you really are inside and how you would like to be? You must know yourself and understand that you are priceless. You are worthy of bigger, better things. This is something that both SheraSevyn1 and MikaelaPink discuss and it immediately helped me.

Of course, these are things that women hear all of the time. However, I had many situations happen during my growing years that contributed to me thinking that I was less than.  From growing up without a consistent father figure to living with my mother's friends and family and feeling unwanted. Needless to say I had to do some real soul searching and I began cleansing my mind and uplifting my spirit. When I began my level up journey I had to focus on being more positive about myself. This involved accepting compliments, thinking positively and understanding that I deserve good things in life. I feel that are also many other ladies that need to reprogram their thinking that was influenced from earlier years.

#2. Thou Hair Shall Be Slayed

All of the ladies mentioned above start with hair when it comes to the level up of a woman's appearance. Now, each of the ladies mentioned women are black (of African roots) so it makes since to me that they would start with hair. I also feel that it is one of the first things that people notice about a person. For me personally, when my hair looks fabulous, I immediately feel great. You can't tell me nothing!

So what does nice hair look like? Healthy hair is clean, shiny, thick and feels soft to the touch. Many women have purchased hair extensions and wigs to ensure their hair looks longer and thicker. The ladies recommend a hair length that is past the shoulders but not longer than your waist. I am currently on a healthy hair journey that will help me achieve longer lengths naturally. I style my hair straight of or with loose curls. Ziva recommends a straight look and the other ladies like straight or loose waves, because it is something that men are most attracted to. Afros, curly and short hairstyles are not recommended. I think that a woman should wear the style that allows her to feel the most confident and happy. As long as your hair is kept well, it will look nice. I do notice that when my hair is flat iron straight, I get more attention from men so the ladies may be 100% correct on that point.

My Hair Style This Month (March 2019)

#3. Full & Flawless Makeup

Many ladies think that wearing foundation and lipstick is a good makeup look. Some times it can look nice, but it is not a full makeup look. To level up, you should not ever half do your makeup. Spend the time to learn proper makeup application to put your best self out into the world. I enjoy watching YouTuber Ellarie. You can also visit the makeup counters at Macy's, Dillards or visit your local Sephora or Ulta Beauty shops. If you want to put your best face out there, you will need proper skincare routine to provide a good base under your makeup. Next, a good primer, foundation, concealer, lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and setting spray. Sound like a lot? I thought to too initially, but you can gain these products over time. You will take more time to get yourself ready in the morning. Just remember, you are focusing on YOU! How much time do you spend working for someone else and helping other people? You deserve at least 30 minutes to focus on yourself.

In the Process - Concealer is EVERYTHING!
makeup, brown
Finished Makeup Look
Still not convinced that makeup will be beneficial? Glamour magazine wrote an article showing that women that wear makeup, earn more income. There have also been many studies that prove that the more attractive you look as a woman, the better your lifestyle will be. Set up a morning routing and stick to it. All of the women show in their videos that a pretty face can lead to higher earnings in a number of ways. MikaelaPink particularly has a saying, "Don't Waste The Pretty". This hit home for me, because I never thought that being young and beautiful could help me generate more income.

#4. Sexy, Classy Wardrobe    

Is your wardrobe all from Fashion Nova? SheraSevyn1 has asked this question in multiple videos. I have nothing against the brand, but it's not exactly what someone thinks of when dressing a classy woman. A leveled up woman will need a well put together wardrobe. Let's face it. What you are wearing, describes you. Everyday when you leave your house, you are representing your brand.

If you are looking to upgrade your look, you should refer to feminine and classy chic looks that support your body type. This includes wearing proper colors that work with your skin tone. Do you really think that neon green jumpsuit looks polished? The ladies recommend sticking to dresses and so do I. Dresses, for me, are more forgiving when I've gained a few extra pounds. It is also easy to find very nice dresses for little money at places like Ross Dress for Less, Marshall's and TJX.

I found this Calvin Klein Dress at Ross Dress For Less)

#5. Maintain Optimal Health and Weight 

I love curves, so this is not a jab at curvy women. The level up must include being healthier for yourself. I don't care how you spin it, no one will be able to convince me that being obese is healthy. Make the necessary changes to your diet and exercise habits in order to feel and look your best. The truth is, thin women are treated better than bigger ladies. I have seen it in the work environment and on the social scene. Personally, I feel better about myself when I am at the lower end of my weightclass. The nice wardrobe you picked out will look best when you are at your best weight. Everyone has a weight or clothes size they know looks best. Everyone will not be a size 2, in fact, I have not been a size 2 since my sophomore year in high school.

#6. Thou Shall Not Forsake Thy Nails

Nails are often something many women forget to care for, however everyone notices your nails. Men zone in on a woman's hands when meeting and for good reason. A woman's hands are soft and well manicured.

For dark skinned ladies I recommend ditching the bright yellow and green nails. It is not a very polished look as a lady. I opt for pinks, reds, and light orange colors. Soft purple colors are nice as well.

Red Orange Gel Nails (Color: OPI Dutch Tulips)
Getting regular manicures and pedicures will also help you feel better. If you are wanting to level up your appearance fast, as mani/pedi is the way to go. You will look great, feel nice and other people will notice.

#7. Smell Heavenly

Have you ever seen someone that looked so good, until you smelled them? A bad smell or overpowering scent makes you see them in a bad light, right? Well a woman should have an overall good hygiene and hair removal routine, of course, but sometimes women forget to wear a nice perfume. I am sure many of you have heard the saying, "a woman is not fully dressed without perfume". People recognize and respond well to nice smells. It also helps to make you a more memorable. The idea behind aromatherapy is that scents help people remember experiences and can change a person's mood. When I wear perfume my mood is immediately uplifted. Particularly when I wear oudh or essential oils, I feel I am vibrating on a higher frequency.

#8. Remember To Accessorize  

Jewelry, hair clips, purses and other adornments have been used for centuries to enhance beauty. Classy and feminine accessories help to compliment your fashion look and also shows femininity. Michelle Obama, for example, has been known to wear pearls with her nice dresses. Wearing crystals like rose quartz are a great way to enhance your beauty while also harnessing positive energies.

#9. Work That Pretty Smile

Something that has not been discussed by these ladies as much is keeping a beautiful smile. Before I even knew about the level up, glow up and these other terms to describe women bettering themselves, I wanted to straighten my teeth. I decided to get clear braces in 2015 and in 2017 I was off to a better smile. That was a really big thing for me, because I noticed that I felt more confident in myself and I actually smiled and laughed more. Before getting braces I would cover my mouth when laughing and my smile was smaller. I encourage any woman with even a hint of insecurity about her teeth to get braces and correct them ASAP. You will be a better person. Even Cardi B. mentioned her teeth improvement as apart of her level up int he song Bodak Yellow.

#10. Embrace Your Femininity 

As a dark skinned black girl, I was never encouraged to be feminine outside of the reprimand of closing my legs while wearing a dress at church. My mother worked, did not wear makeup or put much care into herself. I also did not see a male influence in her life caring for her. Other black girls were rough and tough ready to fight over a boy they liked. I was never like that, in fact, I was soft. I was quite, reserved, soft spoken, proper and timid.I was told to toughen up, called prissy and stuck up. all this because I acted like the girl that I was.

Over the years, of course, I developed and found my voice, but the overall image of a black woman that I was meant to be was that of the independent. The woman that did not need a man and was rough around the edges. That is not the way. Black woman, you can be feminine too. I think the feminist movement may be the blame for many black women feeling as if they cannot depend on a man. For me, I had many naturally feminine tendencies, but mentally I wasn't, because I felt depending on a man for anything was wrong. It is something my mother actually told me for years. My new YouTube aunties and cousins promote embracing your feminine traits. I now feel much freer and able to be myself and tune in more to my natural qualities and needs as a woman.

#11. Be True To Yourself

Throughout your journey you will continue to find things to improve. Enjoy the process and be sure to focus on your own goals instead of comparing yourself to others. It is fine to see examples of what you want to look like, but everyone is unique. I take each of the ladies feedback with consideration of myself and my needs. Everything they recommend may not work for you, but I encourage you to understand the overall message of each point and try to improve yourself within each area within your own timing.

There you have it ladies. These are the 11 things to focus on this year, if you want to #levelup as a feminine woman. 

(Pretty Mocha)
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