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Beautiful Scents - How to Make Your Perfume Spray and Oils Last Longer!

by - March 13, 2019

I absolutely love nice smells. Who doesn't, right? The aroma of flowers, a nice whiff of clean laundry, and of course a nicely scented perfume. My attitude, energy and overall feelings can shift depending on the essence surrounding me. Aromatherapy is legit. There have been many studies that describe how scents can even trigger emotions or memories. Scents can be very powerful.

I personally believe that I am not completely put together for the day, until I have added a nice fragrance. I feel that an important key to being a feminine woman is having a signature scent or at least something that makes you feel beautiful and goddess-like. It also adds an air of class.

Since I am such a proponent of nice smells, I like to use candles, scented oils, air fresheners and occasionally flowers to provide a nice aroma to the air in my home. I hold a variety of perfume, oudh (oud) and essential oils.

A peak into some of my favorites scents right now. :) 
One thing that some struggle with when using perfumes is determining how to make their scent last throughout the day without over-spraying. Of course, no one wants to be that person that has overdone it with perfume or cologne. I recently posted a video on my YouTube channel sharing my tips to keep your fragrances for a longer amount of time.

Below are some highlights from the video.

#1. Choose Your Storage Space Carefully  

Fragrances are very delicate and should always be kept in a dark, dry place. For quite awhile I stored one of my favorite perfumes in my bathroom and later learned it was a huge no-no due to the amount of moisture present. Other places to avoid are windowsills or any places where the perfume will be exposed to light, humidity or extreme temperatures. It is especially important to keep your scented oils away from heat exposure for safety precaution.

A good place to store your perfume includes drawers or closets. Many perfume sets come with a box that you can store your perfume. For example, I use my Christian Dior, J'Adore gift box (pictured below) for storing some of my perfumes and oils.

Christian Dior, J'adore, Absolute Femininity
Christian Dior, J'adore, Absolute Femininity

#2. Use Oudh Or Perfume Oil  

I really enjoy using oudh oil. Perfume oils are naturally a lot more long lasting than spray perfume (eau de parfum). There are a few reasons why this is the case. Mainly, oil sticks to your skin easily and for longer periods of time. Think about when you have applied an oil to your hair or skin. It is typically very difficult to remove the oil. Oil reflects water, sweat and other things that will get into contact with it. This is why scented oils can more easily stay an entire day. I have had many instances when using oudh oil has even hung on until the following day. Other reason why I suggest trying oudh is its' distinctive and mysterious scent and spiritual benefits.

#3. Shower, Moisture, Then Apply 

The best time to apply your perfume will be after you have showered and applied moisture to your skin. Experts say that especially for those with dryer skin, moisturizing before apply will help the fragrance bond with the skin. The writers at Cosmopolitan, back me up on this point and also advise that this process of showering, moisturizing then perfuming will help avoid getting perfume onto clothing. When perfume interacts with clothing it can leave stains or even have negatively affects on some fabrics.

#4. Don't Rub, Just Dab

I have no clue where the urge to rub in a perfume comes from, but this is totally wrong according perfumeries. Rubbing can dull top notes (first scent level) and cause the perfume to evaporate more quickly. We don't want that. A few light dabs is all that is needed.

#5. Location, Location, Location

When I studied marketing during college, I learned that location is everything. Well, this also applies to the placement of the perfume. Experts say that for best results, fragrance should be applied in these specific areas:

  • Temples
  • Neck/Back of Neck 
  • Wrists
  • Between Cleavage (Okay, okay, I added this one! But it works I promise.) 
  • Behind Your Knees 
Well there you have it beauties. My 5 tips for making your perfume last throughout the day! 

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