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Can Your Hair Grow That Long?

by - March 04, 2019

Throughout my life, I have heard a number of both positive and negative comments regarding my skin and hair. I have always a good length of hair at shoulder length to mid back length. Some folks would ask, "Wow! That is all your hair?" While I also heard, "Your hair is so thick and nappy."

As a young girl, I wanted my hair to be straightened so badly, however my mom refused giving me a relaxer. So what did I do? I convinced my dad to have it done for me. When my mother found out, let's just say my dad got an earful. From that point my hair was chemically relaxed for better or worse. The good being that I was like many other girls in my class and could run my fingers easily through my hair. The bad included the chemical burns, awkwardness of new growth and an overly dry, itchy scalp.

In February 2018, I said goodbye to chemicals for good, after a long transition period. Saying goodbye to chemicals meant saying hello to healthier, thicker hair. It also meant that I would need to develop a new process of retaining length.

Recently, I was talking about my hair to a (non black) girlfriend. I told her that I'd like to grow my hair longer, to about the middle of my back or so. She proceeds to ask me, "Can your hair grow that long?" I ask her why she'd ask me that question. And she told me she didn't know.  However I understood exactly why she would ask that.

The media and many people alike have constantly portrayed the lie that black woman cannot naturally grow their own hair to great lengths and that any black woman with long hair must be wearing a weave or extensions.

One of my goals for 2019 and is to grow my hair to the middle of my back. It is a goal I have gained before while I had relaxed hair. To help in my goal, I will be taking tips from a black queen that has always had gorgeous hair.

Kenya Moore has an absolutely lovely head of hair! I recently posted about her on my Instagram page. Her number one hair advice is to focus on natural hair care, specifically using less chemicals (think dyes and relaxers) and heat. I normally have a silk press every two weeks. I am grazing just below arm pit length hair right now and have been for the past two months. Though I know that using heat can be damaging to the hair, I hadn't thought much of it since I no longer use chemicals.

Over the next couple of months, I will be on a journey to gain healthier hair. This will include finding creative ways to use less heat so I can retain more length and achieve my goal.

Wish me luck!

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