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An Ageless Beauty - What Can Naomi Campbell Teach Us?

Supermodel, actress, goddess... these are all viable descriptions for Naomi Campbell. On May 22, 2019 the beauty turned 49. Seriously! To many she does not look to be a day over 30. So… what are her secrets? How does she stay fit and maintain the beautiful face which the world has adored for over three decades?

Instagram: @naomi
Well I have followed the beauty for years. Ever since I was in my early twenties (I'm now in my late twenties) and I have seen that she stays consistent in four main areas and four practices that she has done over the years. Let's all take a lesson from her lifestyle and routines.

"Serums, under-eye cream, mani-pedi- a woman should always maintain herself on a weekly basis."
- Naomi Campbell tells Harper's Bazaar Magazine, January 18, 2019  

#1. Weekly Self-Care

The artist Pharell gave credit to Naomi for showing him how to care for his skin. She told him when he was younger, to begin using quality skincare products and not just drug store brands. After looking at her routine, you will easily see just how serious she is about maintaining herself.

#2. Regular Exercise

Naomi enjoys working out which she has mentioned during a number of interviews. Lately she has been practicing yoga and Pilates. Yoga is known to promote circulation in the body which is great for the skin. Both Pilates and yoga work by using the body as a weight so she clearly focuses on muscle toning.
Instagram: @naomi

#3. Strict-ish Diet

Naomi shows that veggies might actually be a girl's best friend instead of diamonds. She eats primarily veggies and seafood on occasion. Green, leafy vegetables have been proven to provide essential nutrients that keep the body healthy. This also include protecting the body from aging.

#4. Cream Your Skin

As Naomi says it, she must "cream her skin", which basically means to put a good moisturizer all over herself each day. It is something that she has instilled into her everyday routine and it shows.

#5. Just A Little Powder

Naomi feels that too much powder can make your skin look bad, specifically ashy. I've noticed for myself that on days when I wear less powder, my face looks fresh and even younger. Naomi prefers a little shine to her face, even though she does have combination skin.

#6. A Little Shimmer

One secret that was offered by Naomi and many other ladies when it comes to highlighting the eyes, is to put a little shimmery eye shadow inside the inner creases of the eyes. Naomi told Vogue in 2017, that she likes to do this to make her eyes look more awake and a bit brighter.

Instagram: @naomi

#7. Tape It Up

She says she would never go so far as getting a face-lift; however, she does use tape to lift her skin for the appearance of tighter, more youthful look. Naomi has not gone into depth about how she tapes, but using tape provides lift to not only the face, but also the neck and décolletage which are easily able show age of person. Naomi's trick is to use tape and she hides the evidence with of it with her fabulous wigs and extensions. Most of the women in Hollywood wear weave including the likes of Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé.    

#8. Quit Bad Habits and Double Up Good Habits

Most people know that Naomi was a smoker and dabbed into some risky habits during the 90s era. She stopped smoking which is a major culprit of premature aging. smoking cigarettes causes early wrinkles and a dull complexion. Obviously partying often and getting little sleep along with drinking alcohol and other bad habits were things that the model stopped in order to live a healthier lifestyle and it has proven beneficial to her appearance. 

Instagram: @naomi
Let's aim to grow gracefully in our beauty just as this high melanin superstar has. Which beauty item will you add to your routine? 


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