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Beauty Highlight of the Week: Khoudia Diop

Khoudia Diop is a beautiful Senegalese actress and model that lives in New York City, USA. I've seen her mainly on the commercial side of modeling with promotional brands including Icelandic Glacial, Fenty and Make Up For Ever.

Though Khoudia has described her childhood years a being teased by other black children for having very dark skin, she later began to take pride in her unique look. When Khoudia was 15 years old, she moved to Paris, France and that is when she was continually approached about modeling.

Khoudia talked to CNN during an interview about her own definition of beauty: 

"Beauty is not what's outside, it's who you are. What's inside is your true essence, and beauty comes from within. It's pure energy."
Instagram: @melaniin.goddess
So, what are some of the beauty secrets? You know I have the scoop! 

1. Daily Stretching Routine

There are extreme benefits to stretching. It gives circulation to the body which helps oxygen and nutrients move to various organ like the skin. It also helps to relieve stress and tension in the body. Less stress leads to a better night's sleep, which we know is crucial to every person's health and beauty. Take a look at how Khoudia incorporates her TV time with stretching activities in this post on her Instagram.

2. Natural Shea Butter 

The beauty opened up to Elite Magazine about how she keeps her skin glowing. She adds fresh cold water on her face, shea butter then Aveeno face moisturizer. Her focus is to always ensure her skin is well hydrated and keeps things pretty simple. Of course, she also drinks a ton of water as most celebrity beauties.

3.Not Afraid of Highlighter 

Melanin skin thrives with highlighter and illuminating products and Khoudia uses them to make her skin pop. Highlighter is used to attract light which creates the illusion of brightness and height. Makeup artists typically will use it in addition to contouring to lift and push features back. If you are wanting a natural looking glow and a more youthful look, try following in Khoudia's footsteps and use highlight more often. 

Instagram: @melaniin.goddess
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