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Beauty Highlight of the Week:Tatiana Price

There are so many beautiful women in the world, but one lady has been standing out to me lately. My beauty highlight for this week is Tatiana Elizabeth Price. I posted about her on my Instagram page yesterday - she was my #wcw (Women Crush Wednesday) for a number of reasons. 
Instagram: @tatianaelizabethh
The model, influencer and business owner is originally from Queens, New York which is located on the east coast of the USA. She was first introduced to the mainstream world on cycle 23 of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). She was ultimately the runner up to India Gants

Not only is Tatiana gorgeous, but she is smart and entrepreneurial. When she is not modeling for top commercial brands, she spends her time focused on managing her own line of skin care products and most recently, posting content to her Youtube channel. With her also being a fashionista, you will see that she promotes clothing via her social channels. 
Instagram: @tatianaelizabethh
Alright, so I know what you're really reading this blog for... Let's get into her beauty tips! 

#1. Variety 

Tatiana is not one to stick to staple products which she mentioned during one of her YouTube videos. She really enjoys trying new products. And, of course, that makes complete sense for her as she is a licensed esthetician. 

#2. Moisture

By now, all of my readers should understand the importance of moisture when it comes to skincare. Moisturized skin really is healthier and therefore looks younger and brighter. She keeps a fairly simple routine of ensuring to cleanse her skin thoroughly each day, tone and then follows up with a good moisturizer. She also has been said to cover her entire body with skin butter (made of shea butter and other natural ingredients) each night. 

She also uses sheet masks to hydrate under her eyes. I have recently begun following this trend and can say that along with having a good night cream, I have seen improvement in how soft my skin feels and also less need for concealer. Try out sheet masks if you haven't yet, I promise you will love them!

#3. Exfoliation 

Tatiana has mentioned in videos and beauty articles that she exfoliates her skin about 1-2 times each week. Why does she do this? Well, exfoliation helps your skin to get rid of dead skin cells which can make your face look very dull. Especially for melanin rich ladies it is important to promote even skin tone and a fresher, brighter face. Gabrielle Union is another beauty that wholeheartedly advocates for this. 

#4. Daily Greens

Tatiana actually enjoys eating kale salads and collards often. She also sticks to eating seafood and very little sugar. She emphasizes how much diet can impact skin. This is a huge point, because many of us (including myself) forget how important internal health is to our external look. Nutrient rich foods like kale offer a ton of benefits for hair, skin and our overall health. Kale promotes a more youthful appearance, helps to keep skin clear of acne and supports hair health. How? It has antioxidants and a number of other superfood nutrients. Iron, Vitamins A, C, K and B6 along with protein to name a few. All of these contribute to healthy and glowing skin.

#5. Lightweight Makeup

When doing her own makeup Tatiana uses very light foundations and concealers. Right now she uses Dior Forever Undercover and tries to use less coverage whenever she can. I believe this really helps ensure she keeps a blemish-free face. We know that clogged pores can lead to the unfriendly visitors that we call pimples, zits and whatever other terrible names we come up with. 

Overall it seems that we can learn from Tatiana to keep things simple, try out different products and use what feels right to you. Be sure to focus on a good diet and as always find ways to retain the moisture levels in your skin. I hope this is helpful to you as it is definitely a motivation as I continue to #levelup my beauty routine in 2019. 


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