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Beauty Highlight of the Week: Naomi Campbell

Happy 49th birthday to the lovely Naomi Campbell. In celebration of the infamous supermodel, I am providing a few interesting facts about her.

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Instagram: @naomi
#1. In 1997 she was proclaimed as Nelson Mandela's honorary grandchild.

#2. She was born in South London, which is the origin of that accent we love so much.

#3. She is of Jamaican descent, with Chinese-Jamaican ancestry through her paternal grandmother, who carried the family name "Ming".

#4. The very first public appearance she made was at the age of seven.

#5. At the age of 15 she covered British Elle Magazine. 

#6. She posed in the nude with renowned artist Madonna.

#7. In 1999, she modeled for Playboy.

#8. She is the first black woman to cover French Vogue at the age of 18.

Thanks for being the first of many, showing the world the beauty of black women and transcending to becoming an icon.


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