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Beauty Highlight of the Week: Janelle Monae

by - August 04, 2019

Some weeks ago I made an Instagram post about Janelle Monae. I had chosen her as my #womencrushwednesday (#wcw) for the week. Janelle to me seems to be such a great, positive person and has incredible beauty to match her vibrant personality.
Janelle Monae at the Met Gala 2019

Who Is Janelle Monae?

If you don't automatically recognize the name you may better know here from her music. The beautiful singer, songwriter, actress and cover-girl has been most known for her hit albums, "The Electric Lady"  and "Dirty Computer". Others may know her from the hit film "Hidden Figures" where she starred as NASA mathematician and aerospace engineer Mary Jackson. She also became a spokeswoman for Covergirl in 2012. Easily said, even if you did not know her name you've seen or heard about her at some point.

So, What Are Her Beauty Secrets? 

Alright, so obviously if I'm writing about her as my 'Beauty Highlight of the Week' there must be some items to share about what keeps her looking so great. 
Photo: Instagram @JanelleMonae 

A Great Diet 

We all know that the better the food you eat, the better the health you are. For Janelle she primarily eats lots of vegetables and fish. Vegetables offer an array of vitamins to nourish and also detoxify the skin and fish provides omega-3 fatty acids and protein which are great for hair, nails and skin

Don't Touch Her Hair 

Janelle prefers to handle her own hair and does a good job of that. As a girl her mom had given her chemical relaxers to straighten her hair, but at 18 she grew our her natural hair and learned to embrace it. If you notice, her hairstyle are typically not too over top, classy yet chic. 

Really Natural Skin Products

Most recently we saw the beauty at the Met Gala and I found out the products she used to prepare her skin. US Weekly had written an article discussing her phenomenal style and overall look at the gala.  The skincare products Janelle used are from Herbivore Botanicals is an all natural brand which has some great reviews on Amazon. 

There you have it. My beauty of the week and a few things that we can do to enhance our own look. 


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