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Who Are The "Clean" Female Rap Artists Cardi B. Recommends?

So ... the producer Jermaine Dupri made some comments regarding female rappers today during an interview with People Now. He was asked, "Do you have a favorite female rapper"? He responded (paraphrasing here):

"I can't really say... I feel like they all rappin' about the same thing. And I don't feel like they're showing us who's the best rapper... It's like strippers rapping.... As far as rap goes, I'm not getting who is the best rapper..." 

Cardi B. responded with a video where she mentioned that what people gravitate to is sex appeal. She also mentioned some rappers that are extremely talented, that do not just rap about their bodies, however they do not get the same play as others that are more explicit. 

Tierra Whack 

When Tierra first started performing in her teens, she used the name "Dizzle Dizz". In 2017, she started using her actual name which is, Tierra Helena Whack. She was born on August 11, 1995 (so she's 23 now). Last year, in 2018 she released an album, Whack World, and the track "Mumbo Jumbo" received a nomination for Best Music Video for the 2019 Grammy Awards. Something interesting about her is that she started writing poetry when she was young to cope with her shy personality and insecurities. I can relate to this because I did the same when I was younger. This writing led to her uncovering her musical abilities.  
Photo: Instagram @tierrawhack


Kamaiyah Jamesha Johnson (full name) was born March 13, 1992 (aged 26) and is from Oakland, California. She is best known for her mixtape 'A Good Night in the Ghetto' which was released back  in 2016. A recent song you may like that was released this year is "Windows" featuring Quavo and Tyga. It's such a fun, upbeat summer vibe and I'm here for it!


The rapper whose given name is Marlanna Evans was born in January 21, 1983 (she's 36 now) in Snow Hill, North Caroline. She's been in the industry for a while and though I have heard of her, I've not really listened to her music until now. I've started listening (since Cardi's post a few days ago - to be honest) and I really like it! She has actually collaborated with other rap artists including J. Cole,  Kendrick Lamar and the late Mac Miller (RIP).
Photo: Instagram @Rapsody

Chika (Oranicuhh)

This rapper has been someone I've seen on Instagram over the past year. She was born on March 9th, 1997 (so she's real young at 22). She received popularity when she called out Kanye West in a hot freestyle over his own “Jesus Walks” beat after Kanye wore a “Make America Great Again” hat [we remember this, right?], praised Donald Trump and endorsed Candace Owens.

The song that I'm loving from her is "No Squares', her flow is awesome and she talks about her own life and career experience, but the song relates to anyone. In the music video, there's no glam, no sex appeal, no "mainstream" beauty per say, just real, raw talent. Her internal beauty and personality shows through which is quite enough.
Photo: @Mirobhasart
And there you have it! These are the female rappers to listen to when you don't want to hear about lovely lady parts according to Cardi B.

For me, I'm all for representing these lovely artists, and I will continue to listen to whatever music I like. This includes those that celebrate women's bodies... Because if a rapper is going to talk about our beauty and sexuality, I want them to be women. 

(Pretty Mocha)
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