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These Black Actresses #SLAY in Their Little Red Dress

by - August 18, 2019

Classy, sexy, feminine... A nice red dress can make any woman stand out in a room immediately. I shared in a previous post, the 9 colors that look absolutely phenomenal on dark skin tones and red is one of my favorites.
Sevyn Streeter wearing red from head to toe (red lip to red strapped high heels
So what is it about the color red that's so magical? Red is a color that signifies love and desire. It is the ultimate show of femininity. Think about it. What colors are shown throughout the month of February? Red, of course. In an article from Psychology Today, studies showed that men are more attracted to women wearing red. One study which focused on spending in restaurants showed that waitresses wearing red earned more than their counterparts and that men spent more money on dates with women wearing red.

So let's get into some examples of how you can look classy while sexy in your red dress. Check out some of my favorites dark skinned celebrities.

Patricia Bright
Hot red wrap dress for a night on the town 
Kenya Moore
Cute, sexy strapless dress with a bit a flair 
Naomi Campbell
Just the right red gown for a night's gala event
Kelly Rowland
Classy, but fitted red sheath dress
Gabrielle Union-Wade
Date night, gala, movie showing, this v-line dress works for any event 
Which of these dresses would you wear for a night out?

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